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Fabio Knoll begins his journey in photography through the interiors of Brazil, finding in it a powerful tool for understanding his culture. In this view of the gaze, he discovers a world of his own, which is not merely received from without, but is governed from within. The search for its own essences finds echo in the images of the world "out there."
It is in this world of aesthetic chords and affinities, of unity in diversity, that the human act circumscribed in cultural objects reveals itself in symbols and signs that tell us a story, where behavior is form, something that can only be understood in its nature , in their midst.
As an artist, his work moves away from an iconographic record, reaching deeper levels of subjectivity. His images reflect the essences of a world and his humanity, nuanced by his own experiences. His photographs do not reveal a given world but a lived world.
Whether it is in a tenement within a metropolis or in the interior of a farmer's house, we see a kinship expressed through aesthetic elements left in space, a subtle language present in reality, establishing this communion between the self and the world, something that connects us as a whole.
In their work, shadows play as fundamental a role as the lights that project them, compositions that represent an effort to rediscover this "naive" look, uniting mind and heart. A celebration of the richness present in the small things of life, brought by the light to the encounter of the soul.

Geographer graduated from the University of São Paulo, he began his career as a documentary photographer traveling all over Brazil and several countries.

Among his most recent books are: Amazonian Universe; Museums of Brazil; Brazil - a multicultural nation; Farms, Mills and Estancias do Brasil and Cortiços - The experience of São Paulo.

His photographic works have already been shown in several individual and collective exhibitions in São Paulo, at the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam, Los Angeles, London, Berlin and Milan, currently represented by the Bossa gallery in Miami.
In recent years, he has worked as Director of Photography and Filmmaker in several projects for cinema, TV and WEB, among them: "Spirit Papers from Another World" in Nepal; "Brazil was successful. And now? "Long footage idealized by Maílson da Nobrega; "Mulher Arte" and "Encuentros", series for TV HBO.

He is currently the Director of the 50 for 1 program - Destino Espetaculares with Álvaro Garnero for Record TV.

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